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Did you know you’re supposed to change your shaving razor blade every week? Yeah, me neither. I’m the kind of person who tries to make the blades last as long as possible before changing them, mostly because they’re just SO expensive and also because I’m too lazy to go to the shop and buy new ones. 

So when I found out about FFS Shaving, a shaving blade subscription box delivered to your door from just £9, I was very intrigued. After checking out their website and reading the glowing reviews, I decided to give it a try and signed up for my first box. 


So, how exactly does it work?

With your first order, you receive a luxury metal handle in the colour of your choice with your first month’s blades and then each month, or every two months depending on how often you shave, you’ll be sent four replacement blades. Membership starts from £9 a month and you can suspend, change your monthly frequency or cancel your subscription at any time.

Best of all, FFS Shaving also has a blade recycling scheme. Once you have 12 used blades, you can send them back in your original delivery box where they’ll then be recycled.

IMG_4690 (1)

My first box took a little bit longer than expected to arrive, I’d say about a week or so after I’d signed up, but this was during the height of the COVID pandemic so I wasn’t too bothered. After the first use I was very impressed; my legs felt silky smooth and the feeling lasted for days! Because I don’t shave every day I decided to swap my blade after two weeks of usage. I’ll admit I felt a bit silly swapping the blade so soon as to me, it still felt like it was perfectly sharp and doing the job. However, I noticed the difference in the blades straight away  and think I could get used to the luxury of fresh blades every couple of weeks for such a low cost. 

My next box is due to arrive in August and don’t think I’ll ever buy regular, expensive shaving blades again!


Fancy £3 off your first month’s box? All you have to do is click this link – https://prz.io/LqZNyATN 



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