Is it ok to use a face mask 7 days a week?

Having spent the last few years heavily investing in my skincare routine, it’s become a goal of mine to emerge from this lockdown with perfect, glowing skin. 

I’ve got all the necessary tools; cleansers, toners, acids, oils, serums moisturisers and about 15 different face masks, so it should be easy right?

Usually, face masks are something you save for a special treat, a bit of #selfcare time on a Sunday evening, and the idea of using a face mask every single day was excessive to say the least. However now we’re all on lockdown with nothing to do, daily face masking seems like a great way to fill the time. 

One big question on my mind though: is it ok to use a face mask 7 days a week or will it absolutely ruin my skin?

A lot of masks come with recommendations along the lines of ‘use 1-2 times per week’, etc. but does this mean you can safely use different ones on those other days? Or will it be face mask overload and leave your skin looking worse?

After asking a few fellow skincare obsessives who also didn’t seem certain on the answer, I decided to take the time to do a little research and find an answer once and for all. 


The trick to safely daily masking is not to use the same kind of mask with similar ingredients two days in a row. For example, if you use a purifying mask on a Monday, reach for a hydrating one on Tuesday, etc. This is because some ingredients are too strong to be used daily and can cause some serious irritation over time like clay and charcoal or glycolic acid. 

With a mask to target every kind of skin issue, from dry and dull to oily and congested, it’s also important to only choose masks that properly addresses your skin’s needs. So on the days it’s looking particularly dehydrated, step away from the peeling acid mask and reach for a soothing sheet mask instead.

So, as long as you’re not using the same kind mask multiple days in a row and are listening to your skin’s needs, you can safely face mask every day of the week without causing any harm to your skin and emerge from isolation radiant and glowing.

I’ve also got a few extra tips for getting the most out of daily masking:

  • Stick to the recommended weekly usage limit
  • Make sure your skin is nice and clean, otherwise you’re going to be trapping all sorts of dirt and bacteria underneath your mask 
  • Shake it up and use sleep masks – perfect for when you’re feeling particularly lazy as you don’t have to wash it off until the am and you’ll wake up glowing 
  • Don’t leave your mask on too long – wearing it longer than the recommended time won’t have any extra benefits 
  • Make sure you moisturise after washing off your mask, otherwise your skin might dry out 
  • If you have acne prone skin or particularly sensitive skin for example, daily masking might be too much straight off the bat so increase your masking days slowly


Coming soon, a roundup of my current favourite masks! 



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