5 tips for changing your shopping habits

A while ago, I wrote a post about giving up shopping for a whole month (which you can read here), and the responses I got from friends were generally ones of shock, but also of support, because my reckless shopping habits are pretty well known. It was so great to regain a bit of self control and I was actually proud that I’d managed to go a whole month without any unnecessary shopping. Since then though I have definitely slid back into my old ways and after a turbulent few months, my emotional shopping habits have gotten out of control.


I’ve once again decided to impose a total shopping ban until September and I won’t lie, it’s a serious struggle, especially with a variety of events and trips away coming up this month. My  previous ‘No-shop November’ taught me a few important tips that really helped stop my spending and I’m hoping they’ll help me again.

Check them out and let me know if they help any of you out too!


  1. Delete the shopping apps from your phone. Most of my shopping was done whilst I was bored, mindlessly scrolling through the ASOS app.
  2. If I genuinely want something, I wait a week or two before I allow myself to buy it. Usually the feeling of want will have passed and I’ve avoided an unnecessary purchase.
  3. Don’t go shopping when you’re feeling stressed or sad – it may be shocking to hear but that new lipstick isn’t actually going to resolve the issue that’s getting you down.
  4. Go shopping in your own wardrobe! Sometimes you forget about that really great top you have and how well it goes with that midi skirt you bought last year.
  5.  Tell a friend you’re giving up spending and they can offer some emotional support. There were times I was adamant I needed a new dress, or that eye shadow palette but my friends were strong and always managed to talk me down from that ledge.

Those are my 5 tips for changing my shopping habits and reducing my spending – let me know yours!



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