My 2019 Reading List

Every year I set myself the resolution to read more books than the year before and I’m not going to lie, 2018 was a bit of a failure for me on that front. I managed to get through quite a few, and you can check the ones I managed to finish here and here, but I got out of my regular reading routine. I got a new job which changed my commute, which was a big reading time for me, and I also started listening to a lot more podcasts before bed rather than picking up a book. 

This year though, I am determined. For the last month of so I have made it a habit of spending at least 30 mins before I go to sleep reading and I think it’s really helped me to fall asleep easier and wake up feeling more restful, rather staring at my phone and scrolling mindlessly through Instagram or Twitter.

My 2019 Reading List

So, here are a few of the books on my current reading list:

  • The Tattooist of Auschwitz
  • Friend Request
  • The Seven Deaths of Evely Hardcastle
  • Everything I Never Told You
  • Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies
  • The Break

Every couple of months I ‘m going to write a little review of the ones I’ve read and what I thought of them, so make sure you keep checking back for them, and if you have any recommendations to add to my reading list I’d love to hear them! Just let me know in the comments.



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