What I’m looking forward to this Autumn

Autumn is by far my favourite season. October, November December (which yes I know is technically winter but let’s not be difficult) are hands down the best months of the year. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves changing colour and the days shorter. Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas and then New Year’s Eve and 2019 and ohhh god it’s all going a bit too fast!

Before we get to 2019 though, there are so many great things I’m looking forward to over the coming months…


Everything I'm looking forward to this autumn

Hands down jumpers and coats are my favourite items of clothing and every year I look forward to buying a whole new load of them. Polo neck tops are also a bit of an obsession and I’ve lost count of the number of long sleeved stripe tops I own… This year I am trying to create a capsule wardrobe and in an attempt cut down on unnecessary shopping (and the purchasing of striped tops), which you can read about soon.


This is the perfect time of year to watch some excellent TV. Me and my flatmate Emma tuned in every Sunday night to watch Bodyguard (anyone else a bit disappointed with the ending?) and Killing Eve was knocked out in a few binging sessions. Saturday and Sunday nights are now taken up by Strictly – this is an X Factor free apartment thank you very much – and now that The Office US is on Amazon Prime, our weeknights are filled by a whole 9 series of episodes to get through.


I love autumnal makeup and genuinely enjoy swapping over my makeup when the seasons change. Gone are the light pinks and nude lipstick, and back are my favourite berry and purple shades! Autumn is also the perfect time to go all out with the glittery eye without any judgement – tis the season and all!

Everything I'm looking forward to this autumn

It’s been three years since I last saw fireworks on Bonfire Night and it’s true that you don’t realise how much you enjoy something until you have to go without. For two years I was in Australia and last year I was working and had to sit inside and just listen to the big display down at the Liverpool waterfront, which obviously is not the same. THIS year though, I am dragging my friends down to the Liverpool fireworks display, come rain or shine, I’ll be waving my sparklers and spamming my Instagram stories with endless firework videos #sorrynotsorry


At the end of November, I’m going on a long weekend away with two of my best friends to Center Parcs. I haven’t been here since I was a kid and I cannot wait to take some long words in the woods, relax in the spa and have endless goes on the rapids – yes I’m still a big kid at heart! Hopefully the weather will hold out as there’s nothing worse than a rainy walk in the woods.


As much as I LOVE Christmas day, I actually think I get more excited about the build up to the 25th December than the actual day itself. I love when all the lights go up in people’s homes and around town, how crisp the air feels and wandering around Christmas markets. Seeing the Boots Christmas catalogue appear in the store gives me a little thrill and I genuinely enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and browsing all the different gift sets. Buying presents for others you know they’ll love, wrapping them up all pretty and placing them under the tree and then seeing the receiver’s enjoyment when they open them provides a better satisfaction than opening my own gifts.


Let me know everything you’re looking forward to this Autumn!



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