I have this thing with podcasts…

Podcasts are definitely having a moment. It seems like all of a sudden, the whole world and his dog has a podcast (which is actually pretty good and worth a listen), but with such an abundance, it’s kind of hard to know which are worth your time, and which ones no one should ever have to suffer through.  I have been an avid listener of podcasts for many years, the first one I listened to being The Scott Mills Daily by BBC Radio 1. Now though, the podcasts I subscribe to vary from dad porn being read aloud by the author’s son, to conversations with serious authors and scientists. I listen to them constantly. When I’m getting ready in the mornings, travelling about and when I’m having trouble sleeping; there’s a podcast for every occasion. My friends and I are always recommending new podcasts for each other to listen to, which gave me the idea to compile this list so that our recommendations can be shared and maybe even have a few recommended to us as well!

So, whether you are a podcast fanatic like myself, or a podcast virgin, hopefully there’ll be one in this list that will take your fancy and help you to survive the journey home for Christmas.

I have this thing with podcasts...


My Dad Wrote A Porno. Massive thank you to my friend Imogen for blessing me with this incredible podcast! MDWAP is hosted by Jamie, who, after discovering his dad had written a porn book called Belinda Blinked, decided to read it out chapter by chapter to his two friends James and Alice. The story is about Belinda Blumenthal, an international sales director for Steels Pots and Pans, who uses her womanly ways to get to the top of the business. I have lost count of the times I have cried laughing to this podcast and with three series to catch up on, if badly written dad porn is your thing, then this is the one for you (and if it’s not, then you should listen anyway).

No Such Thing As A Fish. Made by the QI elves, (i.e. the guys who make the BBC programme QI), each week, the 4 hosts share their favourite facts. Some of my favourites over the years include Tutankhamen being mummified with an erection, a pope-mobile being for hire for stag parties and Ireland and the growing Tibetan butter sculpting crisis. It’s actually a really funny listen, and my head is now filled with all sorts of facts that have definitely helped me with a pub quiz or two.

The High Low. My bestie Becca, introduced me to the High Low about a month ago and since then, I have listened to at least half of the back catalogue. Hosted by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, It’s a weekly pop culture and news based show, discussing all the big issues ranging from important topics like the Harvey Wienstien Hollywood scandal to the more lowbrow, like Kim Kardashian’s surrogacy plans or Taylor Swift’s latest diss track. In addition,Pandora and Dolly also discus books, TV shows, movies, and articles they have read and loved over the last few weeks, a lot of which I have then gone on to read/view. I love the intellectual discussion afforded to each topic discussed and each episode always leaves me feeling more aware of not only whats going on around me, but myself and how I think and feel about things happening in the world.

Getting Curious. Fans of Queer Eye on Netflix, you NEED this podcast in your life! It’s hosted by the one, the only, Jonathan Van Ness (the grooming guy) and it is possibly one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to! Every week, Jonathan sits down with an expert on something that he is curious about for a 30 minute conversation. Topics range from what’s going on in the Middle East, has Britain screwed itself with Brexit, and how we can be less rude to bees. He’s even started doing episodes with his fellow Queer Eye stars, allowing us to find out more about their lives and basque in their adoration for one another. A little warning though – Jonathan is a  bit intense and loud at times and it took me a while to get used to it. Now though, I am obsessed. I just have to make sure I have the volume turned down on my headphones!

Conversations. Ok, stick with me for this one. I first heard Conversations whilst working away on a farm in the Australian outback to get my second year visa. It is a radio show on ABC hosted by Richard Fidler, who has an in depth, hour long conversation with some interesting people, ranging from authors writing books based on Irish folklore, to scientists studying humpback whales, to a priest who has fought to overturn ‘gay panic’ laws. When I finished my farm work, I subscribed to the podcast which comes out daily after the radio show airs. Whilst not all of the episodes are of interest to me (sorry to the guy who’s studied the history of libraries, I’m sure you really nice), most are fascinating. Some of my recent favourites have been about the impact of China’s ‘One Child’ policy, and a woman’s fight against the female driving ban in Saudi Arabia.

Radio 1. I’m putting two podcasts together here: The Scott Mills Daily and Greg James – That’s What He Said, reason being that these are podcasts of two Radio 1 afternoon shows, both of which I love so much. I listened to these religiously whilst living in Australia as they helped me feel a little less homesick and like I was still in the loop with what was going on in the UK. Both are so so funny and always keep me entertained!

The Worst Idea Of All Time. My friend Georgie told me about this one over lunch on a recent shopping trip. Two New Zealand comedians watch and review the same film every week for an entire year. In the season I’m currently listening to, the guys are watching Sex and the City 2, having never seen the first film and hardly any of the tv show. It’s safe to say they absolutely hate it and are slowly going mad, which makes for an excellent podcast!

What podcasts do you love? Let me know!




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