Winter beauty saviours

Happy 2018 everyone! Christmas is over, the January blues are setting in and the weather is crazy. As I’m writing this, Liverpool is currently being battered by Storm Elanor and the howling wind and rain made it near impossible to drag myself out of bed this morning and walk to work.

We’re not even half way through this winter and I’m already over it, and so is my skin, which is so dry and rough, my lips are chapped beyond belief, and don’t even get me started on the frizziness of my hair! The constant transitioning from warm central heating to freezing cold wind and rain is just destroying it.

Thankfully though, I have invested in a few new products and altered my winter beauty routine, and I’m starting to see some improvements. So, I’m going to share with you my winter beauty saviours, that are transforming my hair and skin and slowly making me start to feel more like me again!


Winter beauty saviours

Ouai hair oil – If it’s good enough for the Kardashians, it’s good enough for me! Ouai is the brain child of celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin (who is a Kardashian bestie), and all the products in the range are amazing! The hair oil is great because it really nourishes my hair and helps to calm down frizziness, plus it smells great! I like to apply it after I’ve blow dried my hair or whenever the dreaded frizz appears.

Redken One United hair spray. This product was recommended to me by a hairdresser after I had my hair bleached blonde and it went very dry and brittle (the things girls go through to look good!) and honestly it has transformed my hair. I use it after I’ve washed and towel dried my hair, probably using more than necessary, and brushing it through with a tangle teaser. It makes it easy to de-tangle my knotty hair, protects it during the blow dry and leaves it looking all shiny and soft.

Frank body scrub. I’ve never used a coffee scrub before, but I’ve heard so many good things about the Frank range, and when I saw this shimmery version of their classic scrub, I just had to have it! First off, it smells incredible – a mix of coffee and coconut – and it leaves skin feeling amazing. Not only is it effective at removing dry skin, it also has a blend of oils so your skin feels moisturised too. The shimmery glow left on your skin is also so fun! Perfect for adding a little sparkle in these dull winter months.

Face masks. These are essential! I am usually pretty lax when it comes to using these, maybe 1-2 a month, but now I’m trying to use one at least twice a week, to keep my skin as moisturised and pretty as possible. For Christmas I got a STARSKIN bumper pack, which contains all their best face, lip and eye masks as well as 7-second skin exfoliaters, which are perfect for a quick boost in the morning if you wake up feeling extra meh.

winter beauty saviours

Pixi Glow Tonic. I cannot rave about this enough! It’s a cult classic for a reason! Previously I just used it at night, but I’ve started applying in the mornings too before my serums and it’ seems to be helping a lot.

Serums and moisturiser. Something that I have used occasionally but am now committed to using daily. I use the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate which I apply every morning before moisturiser, and the Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, used 3 times a week. Using them both together has made a huge difference to the condition of my skin, and are a dream combined with the Glossier Priming moisturiser, which is really rich, and has a delightful lavender scent.

Lush lip scrub. I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets chapped lips, and who makes them 10 times worse by chewing off the dead skin and leaving them raw, sore and bloody. Well, no more my friends, because I have purchased a lip scrub from Lush that has changed my life. It’s a sugary, popcorn flavoured delight that leaves my lips soft and tasting delish. Bloggers always rave about lip scrubs and I’ve never believed them…until now!

Glossier lip balm. OK so now my lips are nice and soft, it’s time to keep them that way with lip balms. Right now, I’m loving the Balm.coms by Glossier and have birthday cake, which yes, tastes like birthday cake and leaves lips all glittery, and cherry , which has a juicy red tint. Lipsticks just don’t sit well on my chapped lips, and often make them look way worse, so tinted balms are perfect for adding a bit of colour and nourishing poor lips back to health.

Winter beauty saviours


Kiehl’s eye cream. I’ve been on the hunt for a good eye cream for years, especially as I’m starting to see some fine lines appear (que quarter life crisis), and I think I have finally found the one. Kiehl’s Avocado Eye cream is a dream! My eye bags already look better, and it makes applying concealer in that area a dream because the skin is perfectly hydrated. An added plus for contact lens wearers is that it doesn’t travel up into your eye and irritate lenses which I have found some tend to do.

Soap and Glory hand cream. Again, this is something that seems really obvious, but that I simply haven’t been using, leaving my poor hands feeling rough and looking awful. I love the hand cream by Soap and Glory because it smells good, absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling soft for hours.

Foot masks. OK so my mum got me these, and at first I was sceptical, but once I tried them, oh my god I was converted! The one I used was basically a sock filled with a magical, moisturising potion that after 15 minutes of soaking, left my feet feeling INCREDIBLE. I just wish it was summer so I could wear sandals and show them off.

Body cream. Body creams are something that I would occasionally use but now I’m making a point of applying it every time I get out the shower, especially on my legs and elbows where my skin seems to be the driest. I got a really lovely body cream by Jack Wills for Christmas which smells like roses and is keeping my skin soft and glowy. I’m also a fun of the Soap and Glory body butter too, especially the pump applicator on the bottle, which makes it so easy to use.


So there you have it, my winter beauty saviours that have honestly transformed my hair and skin. What products are your winter beauty saviours? Let me know!



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