December Lush List

It’s December, which means its F I N A L L Y  Christmas time! I love Christmas, and it really is the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion. I love waking around and seeing beautiful twinkling lights and Christmas displays in shop windows, watching a classic movie like Muppets Christmas Carol (seriously, its so good) or Love Actually, whilst snuggled up by a fire place, and of course, the Christmas tree! Everything about December is just incredible and so this month’s Lush List is, surprise surprise, going to be about all my favourite things this season has to offer.

December Lush List


Christmas adverts. Whether its the ever dividing John Lewis’ ‘Moz the Monster’, that really annoying Sainsbury’s singing one or Aldi’s offer of an adventurous carrot out to woo his lady carrot (who I’m pretty sure was the same carrot they offered us last year), in December, I don’t mind watching the adverts as much as I usually do for the remaining 11 months of the year.

Christmas specials. Whilst we’re on the subject of TV, I also love all the Christmas specials that come out. Whilst my favourite will always be the Gavin and Stacey Christmas ep, which I watch all year round, this year I am looking forward to Victoria, Call The Midwife, Bake Off and Doctor Who.

Christmas decorations. In my house, it’s my responsibility to get all the decorations out of the attic, something I get very excited about (although putting them all back is a different matter all together). I love to unwrap them all and lay them out all pretty, putting aside the ones that won’t be making the cut this year and then proceeding to decorate two trees, all the downstairs rooms, the stairs and my own room, all whilst watching a classic Christmas film and drinking a few glasses of wine!

ALL the foods. Christmas has the best foods, and I’m not just talking about the special roast on the big day. All month long, there seems to be so much on offer. Whether its at Christmas markets, one of the many parties, or you’re just tucking into a casual Tuesday night cheese board, December is delicious, winter bulking is on, and I’ll see everybody in the gym January first!

Christmas parties. In December, there’s always a Christmas party to go to. There will be one with your work friends, one with friends from home, another with friends from uni, plus a whole load of random get togethers because it’s Christmas after all! It’s the perfect chance to put on your sparkliest dress, do your makeup all nice and get together with people you probably haven’t seen since this time last year and dance the night away.

Gift giving. I love buying gifts for other people, and am the kind of person who has them all wrapped and under the tree weeks before Christmas (not that I’m smug at all!) I actually enjoy going Christmas shopping, which I know to some people sounds crazy. I like all the lights around town, and the displays in the shop windows, grabbing yummy food at a winter market and have a mulled wine, or two! Plus, I just genuinely like finding something that I know someone will really love, after all you don’t give to receive, but for the joy it brings to others…or something like that.

So there you have it, those are the things I love most about December, but what are yours? Let me know!



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