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I am soon going to be moving into my new flat in Liverpool, and I am S O  E X C I T E D ! I cannot wait to have a little place of my own that I can decorate exactly how I like. A lot of my time has recently been spent browsing Pinterest and online stores looking for cute things I can fill my new home with, and wondering how many fairy lights is too many fairy lights (I know, I know, you can never have too many fairy lights). I haven’t bought anything yet, as a move in date hasn’t been decided and it feels like it would be tempting fate, so instead I have complied a sort of wish list of all the things I would like to get.



I love gold/rose gold so pretty much everything in this post is going to be a lovely gold hue, just a heads up! These wire baskets will be perfect for under bed storage or keeping important admin-y stuff in and I love these rose quartz shot glasses and can picture them now looking incredible on my dream bar cart. Terrariums are having a huge moment and I love that they can be used for keeping both plants and jewellery in or just as a stand alone decoration.


I want to fill my new home with lots of art and this print of Rapper’s Delight is so fun and the perfect starter picture for my collection. I also really love the rose gold scratch world map. I’ve always wanted one and had never seen it in rose gold before, and the fact it’s currently on sale is just even better. I also love having somewhere to display Polaroids, gig tickets, cute pictures, etc and think this gold grid is great. It looks a good size and would even look stylish displayed bare. Finally, I intend to have an endless collection of candles (save on the electricity and all), and I also want to own a load of succulents so these candles are just ideal, as to be honest, I am not great at keeping plants alive!


Typo is a store I discovered, and quickly became obsessed with, whilst I was in Australia. It’s a stationary/gift/home-y kind of store that sells a wide variety of items and 90% of which I want to own. Whilst the selection in the UK isn’t as big as Australia, there’s still loads of stuff to check out. The pineapple is actually a candle and once it’s used up, I think it would be great for storing little trinkets like rings or earrings. I thought the black, golden glitter clock would look great in the living room or kitchen, as I’m the kind of person who always needs to know what the time is even if I’m not actually doing anything. Ever since I was 10 and spotted one in IKEA, I have wanted a mirror with lights and this one is perfect. It comes in black too! Finally, no post about dreamy home accessories could be complete without some fairy lights. This 5m string is ideal for wrapping around door frames or bed posts.


I’m looking forward to a big shopping spree once the new flat is sorted out and will definitely be doing a guided tour post once it’s nicely decorated. Stay tuned!



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