November Lush List

Ok, this is going to make me sound like an old woman, but HOW is it November already?! It feels like only yesterday that it was January and I was flying off to Melbourne to start my second year in Australia. Now there are only 2 months left till 2018, honestly I am shook.

I was having a debate today with my friend if it’s socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music now that it’s November. She said no, I said yes and called her a scourge, and started singing ‘All I want for Christmas’ for a good 5 minutes. It did make me decide though, that despite how much I love Christmas, maybe the beginning of November is a little too soon to go all in, baubles and all. So, November’s Lush List, will be a Christmas free zone, focusing on all the great things happening this month.


Stranger Things season 2. Oh Hawkins, how we have missed you! The new series is finally on Netflix ready to binge watch to your heart’s content. Watch in style with the super cool new line of Stranger Things tops and sweaters in Topshop. I got the grey Hawkins Phys Ed. top and may or may not be going back for more!

Bonfire night. Hands down one of my favourite nights of the year, and one I have missed bonfire night for the last two years due to being in Australia (I know, I know, poor little bee). This year I’ll be checking out incredible Sefton Park show and definitely waving a sparkler or two. Also, who has been watching Gunpowder on BBC 1 with the beautiful Kit Harrington?! It’s gruesome as, but still so good.


GigiXMaybelline. *Hot new product alert*. The incredible Gigi Hadid has collaborated with Maybelline on a new makeup range which feautres, lipsticks and lip liners, eye shadow palettes, highlighters and full face palettes. The range has two looks, West Coast and East Coast, embracing Gigi’s bi-coastal life style. I can’t wait to get my hands on it all.

Reputation – Taylor Swift. F I N A L L Y ! Our leader Taylor is finally releasing her new album on the 17th, after three long years of waiting. If the singles that have already been released are anything to go by, this is going to be another Taylor Swift album that perfectly summarises my life. On repeat right now are Gorgeous and Call It What You Want – simply perfection.

No shop November. OK so lately, I have been shopping a lot, and it’s kind of starting to get out of hand. I am making a vow not to buy anything for myself, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Instead, I want to try and save as much as I can and rather than treat myself, treat my lovely friends and family.


Boots Christmas catalogue. OK who else does a little happy dance when they spot the Boots Christmas catalogue for the first time in the store? For me, it means Christmas is finally on it’s way and I genuinely love to sit and flick through, and stare longingly at all the pretty gift sets. And yes, I know I said this would be a Christmas free post, but I lied OK!

What are you loving this month? Let me know in the comments below




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