Where to get the best coffee in Liverpool

I have only been a coffee drinker for about three years. Before then it was just good old English breakfast with the occasional green tea for me. I was always jealous of my coffee drinking friends though, as they had so many options available when we would go out to cafes. Despite never actually trying coffee, in my head I had just decided I didn’t like it. So one day at work, I made myself a cup on instant coffee, and it was disgusting. But once I had added a few spoons of sugar, it was much more enjoyable. That was until I got my very first caffeine high and text my friend saying I thought I was having a heart attack, which was then promptly followed by a huge crash and incredible headache. I was undeterred though, and kept drinking coffee, branching out to cappuccinos and lattes, reducing my sugar and eventually becoming a coffee fan. Then when I moved to Australia, the country that proclaims to have the BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD, my eyes were opened to a whole other level of coffee and cafe culture. They take it so seriously. People who drink at Starbucks are mocked and everyone boasts about how the independent cafe near them does the best coffee in town.

After two years of living in this incredible coffee loving world, coming back to the U.K. was hard, because honestly, the coffee over here is terrible compared to Australia. I always took personal offence when Aussies said this to me, but now I’m back, I totally get what they mean. Over there, independent cafes line the streets, each with their own house blend, the coffees are smaller and of better quality and whilst a little more expensive, worth every penny. Whilst in the U.K., you’re limited to Costa, Neros. Starbucks, etc, the quality is poor, everything is massed produced and the cup sizes are unnecessarily large.

Since moving to Liverpool, I’ve been on a mission to find a decent cup that comes anywhere near to the quality I enjoyed in Australia. It’s been a real struggle, but here are the results of my extensive, and gruelling search for the best coffee in Liverpool.

Leaf – Bold Street

I’m pretty sure that no list of coffee places in Liverpool would be complete without Leaf. Yes, I know their speciality is tea, hence the name, but they also do a lovely coffee too. The atmosphere is great in there, with all the beautiful lights making it feeling so cosy, and they have a delicious selection of homemade cakes too.

Leaf cafe on bold street liverpool

Moose Coffee – Dale Street

This American/Canadian diner does some incredible breakfasts and lunches. The pancakes, the eggs benedict, the potato hashes….I could go on and on, and the coffee isn’t bad either!

Dale Street Eater, Delkery – Dale Street.

This place is round the corner from where I work, but the opposite direction to Moorfield Station, so not somewhere I had initially spotted, until a friend told me about it. As well as a delicious cup of coffee, they also do a pretty good bacon and eggs breakfast that doesn’t cost a small fortune – win win!


Cow&Co – Cleveland Sq

Tucked away in a beautiful leafy square, away from the hustle of all the shops and crowds, the coffee is strong and the atmosphere relaxed. Originally established as design store selling unique gifts, it’s now better known for its coffee and delicious cakes.

One Fine Day – Old Hall Street.

Soo this is another one near my work that has recently been opened by the guys who’ve brought us Leaf on Bold Street. It’s a beautiful place to sit and relax on one of their comfy arm chairs whilst enjoying a perfect cappuccino with a delicious slice of cake, and they also don’t shy away from a inspiring/funny chalk board sign.

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Where’s your favourite place to get coffee in Liverpool? Let me know in the comments below!



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