October Lush List

Autumn is in full swing! October is one of the best months of the year. The trees are a beautiful golden colour, the air is crisp and the fires can finally be lit in the evenings. Even though the Christmas decorations  and the selection boxes are out, we still have Halloween and Bonfire Night to enjoy yet. When it isn’t pouring down with rain, I love to get out and walk in the countryside before coming home, lighting some delicious scented candles and snuggling up on the sofa.

Here are all the things I am lushing over this month!

Halloween. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Halloween. When I was younger, I remember going to parties and playing spooky games, like dunking your hand into bowls of gunk, and eating crazy foods like graveyard brownies. Then as I got older it all felt a little bit too childish and I lost interest. That was until two years ago when I moved to Sydney and worked at Luna Park. They took Halloween seriously over there, and I got to dress up as a zombie nurse selling bags of blood. It’s reignited my love of all things spooky, I just wish it was still acceptable to trick or treat when you’re a grown up…


Pumpkin everything. Pumpkin spice lattes, scented candles, phone cases…in October, everything is pumpkin. Accessories and flavoured drinks are not the only ways to enjoy pumpkin this October though. Spiced pumpkin soup or roasted pumpkin with a Sunday roast is just perfect on a chilly autumnal evening, and are perfect ways to use up carved pumpkins too!

Netflix binging. When the weather outside is frightful, you curl up in bed and watch Netflix. I have a terrible habit of watching the same shows over and over again but who doesn’t love a classic! Gossip Girl, Once Upon A Time, Gilmore Girls, and Game of Thrones – all great shows that I can’t wait to start watching for the third..or forth time!



No junk October. OK, so I have kinda made this one up. but this month I am going to be  doing my absolute best to overhaul my diet and exercise regime so I can feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin after so long feeling otherwise. You my remember from the August Lush List the Sweat app I told you about. Well to be honest, I haven’t been very strict in following it. So this week, I restarted from the beginning and although it’s only day three, I am feeling a lot more confident in my effort!

Big Coat Season. Hands up who loves a big coat! Honestly, I love them so much, I wear them even when its still a little bit warm out and I just have to have a new one each year. I’m a sucker for a knee length style in grey or camel and the latest trend, the puffer coat with a faux fur lined hood, is very lush! There are so many amazing ones to choose from this season, I might have to get two…


What are you most looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments below!



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