Pay day haul – part 1

I know what you’re thinking, “Part 1? How much did you buy?” and the answer is… a lot! I just couldn’t help myself. It was my first pay check at my new job and I went a little shopping crazy and am now going to have to live like a pauper for the rest of the month – oops!

I’ve decided to break it down into clothes and makeup and today we will be looking at purchases from Too Faced including a free little gift from Kat Von D!


Too Faced Hangover X Primer and Better Than Sex Mascara. These were two products I’ve wanted to buy for a long long time after hearing nothing but amazing things and especially since trying out the primer after discovering it in a friend’s makeup bag. The primer is incredible! It is a water based, silicone free formula infused with coconut and probiotics which hydrates and soothes the skin and helps your make up stay put for a flawless and fresh finish. When applied, my skin felt so soft and silky I actually just sat and stroked my face for a good few minutes (thank goodness no one could see me). I love the packaging too and the pump applicator means its easy to use the correct amount of product each time.

Ever since a disaster with some eyelash extensions a few months ago, my lashes have been very short and no amount of my regular mascara could sort them out. After moaning to my cousin about it (patience of a saint that one), she told me I should try the Better Than Sex mascara. The carbon black formula is infused with collagen to make lashes look thicker and longer and the hourglass wand is designed to evenly coat the lashes. I’ve used this a few times now and I’m really impressed. The formula is dry, which I worried would go clumpy when applying multiple coats, but it was actually really buildable and each coat just made my little lashes look better and better. My eyes can be sensitive to mascaras and tend to be very itchy but thankfully I’ve had no issues so far. It’s also easy to remove too which I think is so important with mascaras as who wants to rub their eyes raw every night? Not me! A really great mascara that I would definitely recommend.

YAUJ9384 (1)



And now to the free gifts! I bought the mascara and primer in Debenhams and decided to sign up for their Beauty Club card, which is like the Boots card in that you earn points for every pound you spend. As I was at the till, one of the assistants from Kat Von D told me that if I went to the till at the back and showed them my new club card I could claim a free Kat Von D gift. Yass! So, what was inside? Two 4.5ml samples of their new Saint and Sinner perfumes, and miniatures of the Tattoo Eyeliner and the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in L.U.V. The Tattoo Eyeliner is my favourite so this will be perfect popped in the handbag and whilst the lipstick shade isn’t exactly my colour, the formula is really nice, not tacky at all and it stayed put really well. The perfumes smell divine! Saint is soft and smells like jasmine, caramel and vanilla whilst Sinner has orange blossom, mandarin and cinnamon and has a delicious edge to it. Saint is my favourite, and will definitely be going on my Christmas wish list!

WIWG0953 (1)

Keep a look out for part 2 of my pay day haul which will be filled with lots of clothes and shoes and maybe even a new winter coat!

Has anybody else used any of these products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!





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