Pixi Skin Care – haul & review

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Guess who’s been shopping again!

After seeing Pixi’s Glow Tonic popping up everywhere on my Instagram feed and reading 5 star reviews over the last few weeks, I felt like I was missing out on something.  A little research and I saw Pixi had a whole line of skincare products that have earned cult status amongst bloggers. The products have been praised for their soothing, hydrating properties, suitable for all skin tones, that help brighten and revitalise the skin leaving you positively glowing. I’ve always felt my skin looked dull and tired and after reading the reviews, I really had to get my hands on these beauties!

I searched online, saw it was stocked in Marks and Spencer and headed out in the pouring rain, practically ran up the escalator to the beauty section and to my delight saw there was a special offer on skin care products; a free gift if you buy two or more. Unfortunately the offer didn’t include the Glow Tonic which was what I had come out to buy, but that just meant I had an excuse to buy even more so I could get my hands on the free gift, the 24K Eye Elixir.


Twenty minutes later, and after a lot sample trying and reading reviews online, I walked away with the Glow Tonic, the Glow Mud Mask, the Overnight Glow Serum and the 24K Eye Elixir. I wasn’t quiet done there though, after reading about it online, I really wanted the Glow Mud Cleanser but it was sold out. So I went back out into the rain and headed to The Beauty Bazzar in Liverpool One where they also sell Pixi products.

Satisfied, I headed back home to try them all out and after a few weeks of testing, here’s my review.


Glow Mud Cleanser. In the past I have used Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser but felt that it left my skin feeling really dry and desperate for moisturiser. This cleanser though was different. For starters the formula was very thick and didn’t foam up when I massaged it into my skin. I worried this meant it wouldn’t really do anything, but one of the ingredients is 5% gylcolic acid which gently exfoliates away the dead skin cells and reveals the healthy new cells underneath. When I washed it off, my skin felt so soft and not dry at all, thanks to the aloe vera, glycerin and nourishing oils. Overall, my skin felt really clean, and soft.

Pixi glow tonic

Glow Tonic. This tonic is enriched with 5% gylcolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, aloe vera to soothe and ginseng to promote skin vibrancy. When I used it, my skin kinda tingled, but in a good way and it made me fell refreshed and clean. I used it every day for a week, morning and night and my skin really did feel amazingly smooth. This product is definitely worth the hype!


24K Eye Elixir. I am always on the hunt for a good eye cream. I have permanent dark circles, am convinced that since turning 25, I have developed serious wrinkles and feel that concealers always crease within hours.. This cream contains collagen and wrinkle reducing peptides to reduce fine lines and dark circles, and has a roller ball application. I’m not 100% sure on this one. The product doesn’t come out of the tube that well so sometimes the roller ball was just dragging across my skin. When it did come out, the skin did more feel hydrated so that’s a plus, but the lines and wrinkles are still there.


Glow Mud Mask. I love face masks and tired all sorts of the years, from peel offs to sheet masks. This one markets itself as a ’15 minute facial in a tube’ and has kaolin clay and sea salt to draw out impurities and soothing aloe vera, brightening ginseng and healing jojoba to ‘perk up lacklustre complexions’. It says apply a thin layer and leave on for 15 minutes. I applied it thick and left it for maybe half an hour because I couldn’t be bothered to get up and wash it off. My skin felt really soft after I washed it off and smelt like roses which was lovely. Not too sure on the long term benefits yet but I’ll stick at it.


Overnight Glow Serum. This serum promises to transform your skin whilst you sleep and like the other products in the Glow range, is packed with glycolic acid (10% which is double that in the toner), aloe vera and cucumber. I’ve never used a serum before and have always wanted to after hearing endless people rave on about how they’ve “changed their lives”, so I was looking forward to giving this one a try. To be honest though, I’ve not been blown away. Pixi recommend 2-3 drops applied to the skin followed by moisturiser, however the serum is so thick and gloopy that the dropper is completely useless. Once applied, my skin felt really sticky which wasn’t too nice, but once the moisturiser was on it seemed OK. I’ve used to a few times over the last week and I’m not sure how big an impact it’s had on my skin but I’ll persevere for a few more weeks.


Overall thoughts. One of the things I love about this range is the packaging. Its pretty, simply designed and looks great on my bathroom shelf. Also the products had a lovely fragrance, like roses, which just made them delightful to apply. I was really impressed with the products, eye cream aside, and my favourite was . The price point for some of the products in this range were kinda pricey. I was thinking about getting a moisturiser to complete the set but £24 for 35ml just seemed way more than I was willing to spend. The Glow Tonic, Glow Mud Cleanser and Glow Mud Mask were all £18 and very generous sizes so to me felt reasonably priced in comparison.

Would I buy again? Yes. So far I am happy with the results, and a little of these products does go along way so it’ll be a while until I have to restock. After a few initial yellow heads popping up, my skin has definitely improved and I feel like my foundation and concealers sit much better on my face than before. Am I glowing? Kinda, I guess, but then again, I’m not entirely sure how to define glowy skin anyway?

Have any of you tried these products? Let me know what you think!





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