Liverpool – the big move

Hello lovelies I have some big news to share!

I’ve moved to Liverpool! 

Just over a month ago I returned from Melbourne back to the UK and after a quick holiday to Madeira, I once again packed up all my stuff and headed up north to my favourite city, Liverpool. This city has it all; history, music, fashion and it’s own language (yes, Scouse is a different language!)

the cavern vlub

Not only do my Mum’s side of the family live here, I also lived here for three years when I studied history at the University of Liverpool, but it’s been four years since I left and so much has changed meaning there are so many amazing new cafes to discover and cocktail bars to spend a Saturday night dancing away in. I like to say it’s a mini Melbourne: the people, the nightlife, the endless cafes and restaurants, I just can’t wait to get exploring!

china town liverpool

Even though I have lived here before, and lived in Australia for two years, and have my family to support me, it still feels kinda scary. Moving to a new city, looking for a new job and a place of your own to live can be daunting, no matter how many times you’ve done it.

the docks

So, get ready for a whole load of Liverpool posts whilst I explore this incredible city as well as the regular travel, lifestyle and beauty posts. I’m on a mission to find a cup of coffee that’s half as good as the stuff I drank in Melbourne, wish me luck!



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