The Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most famous road trip routes, up there with Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. Around every turn, and there are  a lot of them, are breathtaking views that’ll have you constantly screaming “STOP!” so you can take a picture.

The road runs west from Melbourne and was built by soldiers returning from the First World War as a memorial for all those who served and lost their lives. Along the way are beautiful coastal towns like Torquay and Apollo Bay, dozens of beaches and waterfalls and of course, the famous Twelve Apostles – giant limestone stacks just off the shore, slowly eroding back into the ocean.



If you come to Australia and don’t drive along the Great Ocean Road, have you even been to Australia?

Here are some do’s, don’t’s and things to know for your trip along this iconic route.

  1. Do hire a car in Melbourne. Yes you can do a coach tour, but it’s so much more fun to pile into a car with your mates and cruise along at your own pace.
  2. Do pack a BBQ. Dotted all along the route are BBQ spots and there’s nothing more Aussie than firing up the barbie for a few snags (sausages).
  3. Don’t Rush! Take your time to stop at all the viewing points you pass and a few of the beaches for a dip in the sea!
  4. Do explore the towns you pass through. Port Campbell, Lorne, Torquay and Apollo’s Bay are all beautiful with amazing cafes and shops to explore.
  5. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir!
  6. Do take lots of pictures to make everyone else very jealous.
  7. Don’t try and fit it all in in one day. Take your time and stay overnight in one of the many hostels along the route.
  8. Do take the classic Great Ocean Road snap at the Memorial sign just outside of Lorne.
  9. Don’t forget to check the status of the road. Bad weather and wild fires can cause the road to be closed so always best to check its open before you set off.
  10. Do keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife. Kangaroos, koalas and wombats all live along the road and are easily spotted when you venture into the trees.


All that’s left to do is round up your mates, get your car play list in order and have an amazing trip!!


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