5 essentials for surviving the heat


We all love escaping to the sunshine but sometimes it doesn’t love us. We’ve all been there – dripping in sweat, chaffing, burning, etc, wondering why ever left the beautiful air con and ventured outside into what can only be described as hell?!

Whilst there is still no way to carry around your own personal air con machine (although someone is hopefully working on this), here are a few products that can make being outside in the sun that little more bearable.

  1. Chaffing cream. You never know when its going to strike but when it does it’s absolute hell. Well no more! Get yourself a tube of chaffing cream and you’ll be gliding along.
  2. Cooling mist. A cooling spray in a can that leaves you feeling instantly refreshed – even better if you get one that’s also a sun cream so you won’t even have to think about reapplying it.
  3. Insulated water bottle. Can sometimes cost a little more than a regular water bottle but when your water is still ice cold hours after you’ve been outside, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  4. A giant hat. Not only will you look super stylish but you’ll also be protecting your head, neck and shoulders from the sun and stop overheating as much
  5. After sun lotion. No matter how much sun cream you apply, there’s always a part of you that gets burnt. A lush, cooling after sun lotion will make you feel ten times better.

What are you essentials for surviving the heat? Let me know in the comments!



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