5 things you need to know before moving to Australia



  1. Australians are like nothing you’ve experienced before. Seriously. Everybody is their “mate”, not wearing shoes is the norm and they love saying c*nt! They are some of the most laid back people you’ll ever meet with “no worries” is their standard response to everything, and they abbreviate nearly everything they say (here’s a video for a crash course on how to be speak Aussie).

    wolf spider

  2.  Seeing snakes, spiders and sharks will not be a regular occurrence. Unless you live in the Outback, you’ll most likely never come across a spider, or snake, and shark sightings are very rare. Still, if you do see them, be cool, they’re generally not interested and will leave you alone unless provoked.
  3. You’re going to make some amazing friends. It’s so scary moving solo to the other side of the world but you are not alone. Most people you meet are going to be solo travellers too on the look out for a cool new friend. So, pluck up the courage and start chatting to people. You’ll have a whole new gang before you know it!


  4. It’s pretty bloody expensive. Especially if you like a drink. The Australian minimum wage is nearly twice as high as the UK which is good news for Aussies and bad news for travellers. Keep an eye on what your spending if you’re not working or you’ll soon find yourself calling the Bank of Mum and Dad…
  5.  You will get homesick at some point, and that’s ok. Maybe it will be at Christmas, or when you see pictures of a family gathering you’ve missed out on on Facebook, you’ve just got to remember that its completely normal to feel that way and that it won’t last forever.




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