My long haul travel essentials


Only two days to go until I fly back out to Australia to start my second working holiday visa and I’ve got to say, I am dreading the flight!

It’s just so far!!

24 hours of sitting in an upright position,wondering how many times it’s ok to ask the person next to you to let you past so you can go to the toilet, trying to ignore that baby that’s been screaming for the last 3 hours and having your skin ruined by all the recycled air.

This being my third time flying around the world, I’ve learnt the hard way how to survive these long flights and these are the essentials that will get me through.

  1. Organisation! Ever had that stomach wrenching panic when you cannot find your boarding ticket anywhere only to discover it lodged inside a book after you’ve emptied the contents of your bag on the floor of duty free? Me too. Keep all your documents and passport together in a travel wallet so you can spend more time shopping and less time stressing whilst you wait for your flight.
  2. Entertainment! Obviously you’ve got to watch all the new movies on the in-flight entertainment, but when it’s time for a break from staring at a tiny screen, listening to my ipod, flipping through trashy magazines and finally starting on that book I’ve been meaning to read for months are my saviours.
  3. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Really boring I know but drinking lots of water is essential (even it means asking your grumpy neighbour to let you out for the 4th time).Don’t forget to pack a small moisturiser for your hands and face too, they need lots of TLC whilst up in the air and will ensure you walk through arrivals looking fresh, even if you’re feeling anything but!
  4. Staying comfy. Airplanes are draughty  and noisy, and when your chair only reclines a few centimetres, its nearly impossible to catch those essential zzz’s. Make the best of a bad situation by wearing layers and a comfy jumper, and bringing an eye mask, ear plugs, neck pillow and a scarf that can double as a comfy jumper.
  5. Get planning! You might already know what your plans for when you arrive at your destination, but you can never be too prepared! I always bring a notebook with me for list making, doodling and day dreaming because you never know when inspiration might strike at 40,000 feet.
Got any long haul travel essentials I need to know about? Let me know in the comments below!



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